Jun. 6th, 2011

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So, my laptop has a short in it that is preventing it from being charged.  Not quite sure whether it's in the actual laptop, or in the cord. :/

Right now I'm on my dinosaur, which I hate because of how damn slow it runs. The ONLY plus about this is that it came with a copy of photoshop for 'trying out' and I've been able to do some stuff with CuriousB, Aelia, and Pooklet's color actions. Seriously, I think this thing is as old as my little brother. [And I don't want any comments suggesting I use Derric's, because that's scary like his mind in there. Just ask him what he's got on there, and you'll regret asking 30 seconds in.]

Anywho, I'm kind of out of commission, seeing as everything I was working on is on my laptop. I'm trying to get it fixed, but depending on how expensive this is going to be, it may be put on hold, considering I've got a baby on the way, and baby > laptop. Which, kind of depresses me, seeing as I may not be able to finish my sim contest this month, or participate in Christmas In July over at GoS. :/ Or the monthly theme, and it might take a LOT of time to finish up some of the requests I was working on.

Well, this is sort of like a mini-vacation, I guess. Not sure if I'll even be active in the community much, since I'll just feel guilty.


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