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2011-06-21 05:31 pm

Bite The Dust - Base game teen formal dress with Docs!

Includes all the original colors of the dress. There's also an adult version in the RAR, mesh included.
Has morphs, but the pregnancy morph is not my best work. :/ This is a hard dress to add a baby bump to.

I'm going to make a default replacement of the teen dress, look for an update.


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2011-06-21 05:28 pm

Go Cowgirl! Recolors

All recolors shown.

Mesh is included in the RAR, just in case.


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2011-06-20 01:51 pm
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Newsea BlueBird Maxis Matched

Made using NeenaNeedles/Summerdream sims textures and Simgaroop's colors.


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2011-05-19 08:45 pm

UFO Bedding

Includes what's in the picture, and matching bedding.


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2011-05-19 08:40 pm


Requires the Dangle Monster which is included.


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2011-05-17 08:15 am

FT Dress with Flats

Jenga_Jane requested these on GoS, and I'm pretty happy with the result. :) So here, have some dresses.

Has a working pregmorph and fat morph. :)


PS: I love the fact that the bat *sparkles* when I put artistic. :P

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2011-05-12 12:26 pm

Baby Play Mat!

Pulls it's textures from crib bedding, to recolor this, just recolor the maxis crib bedding. ;)
Animations come from the DangleMonster, which requires an AL, Collection, or store edition of the game. This is included in the rar.
Theraven [Raven] slaved this to the maxis crib bedding, she's awesome. <3

Preview picture by Theraven [Raven]