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I wanted you all to hear it directly from me first.

I lied to the sims community.

About everything.

I started out with the truth, but the first lie started, and then the next. Eventually it just snowballed out of control.

To tell you the total truth, I'm not the Bubbles you guys thought I was. I'm just a sixteen year old with emotional issues and really low self esteem hiding behind a screen.

 Lying on the internet is habit to me by now. I wish I was somebody else. So I became them. I became their world. I became who I wanted to be, and it felt great for awhile, but then I told too big of a lie, I pushed my limits. I tried to stay me, but stay anonymous.  I couldn't do it. I know I took it way too far.  You'll never have to hear my lies again. This is my confession, and I'm sorry for all the lies I've dished out. Bubbles, Derric, Connor, and baby Annabelle are not real people. I made them up as part of a fantasy, what I wanted to be like. I'd also like to clarify that bubbles1321 on Moonlight Dragon, MissBubbles on Gos and Insiminator, are all me pretending to be them. I'm done. I was caught on to before it totally consumed me. I'm sorry I'm such a liar and got attached. I never meant for it to go so far, and I'm so sorry...

I also promise to speak the truth, or nothing at all from this point forward.

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